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Located on Indian Road, just South of Highway 82 in Park Hill, Nancy's Cafe proudly serves specialty pies, soups, and sandwiches for the Keys Community and more.

Before the hustle and bustle of her cafe, Nancy made pies for the Keys community from her home kitchen. Quickly gaining momentum throughout the years, Nancy's humble kitchen could no longer accommodate the demand of the community, so she began seeking opportunities to grow her business. With her mind set on a dream, her and business partner, Don Matuska, began a partnership to develop Nancy's cafe.  Now, thanks to you and your families, Nancy's dream of owning a cafe has become a reality! We are so thankful for your support in this endeavor and couldn't imagine a better outcome. Whether you're here for lunch or just in for a slice of pie, we're always happy to see our customers and truly enjoy serving this community.

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